Day 3 | #diary of a shopkeeper

People often ask me , “How’s the shop?” Usually I just smile. Or I say,”good,good.” You might know that smidapaper has been around for a while. For about 10 years or so... in different places and in different forms. We started in the upstairs of our workplace, the full-time job place, and it was so much fun to scramble upstairs when the occasional customer appeared.


Over time we’ve changed and after we closed the shop in Straits Quay, we evolved into what was the weekend store. We were closed, really, but some people still wanted to get their stuff, so we stayed open once a week. I’ll admit it was kind of wishy-washy and I had to make a decision to walk away from this long time love or rekindle the flame.  The truth is, I was afraid of the commitment. Which brings me back to, “How’s the shop?”


 In the last few months I’ve experienced a full range of emotions. If you ever doubt that one single person can do everything it takes to make something happen, I am proof that it can be so. While some of my classmates will be queuing up to collect their CPF payout, I will be here. ALL in. Seeing how far this can go.

 Today I went to a neighbour’s shop and had lunch; the first ‘sit down at a table like a normal person’ meal I’ve had in a few days. I cherished those few minutes. How we take things for granted.

But it’s all good.

My friend, Uma, stopped by the shop and my knight in shining armour who was manning the shop, (laugh) sent her my way. I am so appreciative of the people that have given me so much love & support. People drop in and say ‘hi!’, there are hugs and we catch up. Such a happy thing. Uma walked in, I grin. She says, “How’s the shop?” and I think about my response. Then I beam, "it's great!".