Smida has a history of helping capture the most precious moments in life.

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Our Story

In 2006 when smidapaper was first founded, it began with 3 boxes of inventory and a keen love for beautiful papers and a happy home for meaningful memories. We brought in scrapbooking supplies from all over the world, carefully curating only the best brands and quality products. We ran workshops to help our customers (some of whom are now friends) make use of the products to scrapbook every occasion and expand on their papercrafting hobbies. Over the years, smidapaper has morphed and resettled a few times in a few different homes, always thoughtfully designed, and now, as we embark on yet another chapter in the smidapaper story, we bring with us the same love for beautiful papercrafting materials and knick knacks but adding on to it, a keen eye for the shifting trends of today's world of fine stationery, papercrafting and scrapbooking materials. We still share the same love of the art of a physical card, a handmade gift, and the meaningful craft of archiving stories of who we are. We are also fervent advocates of reviving the art of writing, stringing words together in a journal or simply putting them down in a greeting to the people we care about. In today's seemingly transient digital world, these things are even more precious than before and can be touched and held onto for years and years to come. How wonderful then to have a whole feast of beautiful paper & writing materials to help these efforts along.